National Biology Competition Team Scores High!

The National Biology Competition is a challenging extra-curricular exam set by the University of Toronto and written by thousands of students across North America each year. The exam covers all of the curriculum expectations for the Grade 11 and Grade 12 University Preparation Biology courses. Woodroffe's 2016 NBC Team began their academic training in February and 17 students wrote the competition at the end of April, with fantastic results! Our team earned the highest score ever achieved by a WHS team in the history of the competition, raising Woodroffe's standing by over 30 places in the national rankings, and putting us in the top 25% of all teams competing. In addition, tremendous individual standings were achieved, with Rosemary He finishing in the top 4% of all national competitors and earning her the distinctions of National Biology Scholar and Top School Score winner. Also finishing with honourable mention were Huy Pham and Theo Zgraggen, whose scores placed them in the top 11% and 18% of all national participants, respectively. A big "thank you!" goes out to the team for showing commitment during lunchtime training sessions, for showing positive team spirit all along the way, and for representing Woodroffe High School at such a high level!

Ms. Colleen Bruski, Team Coach

BACK ROW: Greg Matyas, Anthony Whelan, Brian Trinh, Theo Zgraggen, Jenni Velichka, Alex Childs, Marina Angel
MIDDLE ROW: Amaal Abdi, Stephanie Wong, Julia Douglas-Freitas, Bilan Yassin
FRONT ROW: Jenna Li, Crissi Duong, Huy Pham, Ms. Bruski, Rosemary He, Nadeea Rahim
Camera shy: Emerald Chen